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I’ve known these guys for a very long time! This pretty lady is my cousin, Heather. I was so excited when she asked me to take their family photos. My first memory of Doug was several years ago, when Heather had brought him along to a family reunion! How brave is he?! Heathers dad and my mom are siblings, and there are 7 siblings all together, so that makes for lots of family members all together at once. Well obviously things went well then, and they now have three beautiful children!

Grant is Doug’s mini-me! Looks and all. During our shoot at Arbor Hills Nature Preserve, we had stepped inside the trees. While I was taking photos of the girls, I remember turning around to Doug hurling a big stick over his head like a javelin! Haha! Of course, Gran was along side him doing the same. Then there’s Jane. Jane is Heather’s mini-me (naturally!). And Jane is just so sweet. Very quiet, but very observant! I loved watching her interact with her little sister, Addie. Oh Addie! She is full of energy, as all 2 year olds are! She did not want to give any smiles, either! I was happy that she looked at the camera! But I love how these photos turned out! The colors and beautiful people just look so good.

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