Taryn || Dallas, Texas || Trinity Overlook Modelled Shoot

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Taryn and I go way back. I mean WAY back. I think we’ve known each other for 20 years, plus a few months. I’m lucky enough to call her my little sister! You’d never know that she used to hate anything pink and ‘pretty’.

Taryn is the 5th child in our family, with two boys preceding her. We are 6 years apart, so I was already in elementary school when she came along. This left her home with 2 brothers to teach her their ways. She loved everything ‘boy’, and hated everything ‘girl’. This lasted for years, too! I can’t help but smile when we look back at those pictures, because you’d never imagine her being who she is now. I mean, she is beautiful in every description of the word. Towards the end of her ‘tomboy’ phase, she got into modeling. Fun fact: To the first day of modeling class I’m pretty sure she wore a baggy Napoleon Dynamite t-shirt that said “Vote for Pedro”!

Taryn moved out to Utah, like the rest of her siblings, after graduating high school. She recently moved back to Dallas, which has been so fun! She asked if we could go out and take some pictures of her, and I couldn’t pass on that opportunity! I told her to find the location, which she chose a bridge here in downtown Dallas. We used Google Maps, but it definitely didn’t know where we were going – hah! Matt and I had been to an overlook before, so we just headed there instead. We had so much fun, and got honked at multiple times – you’ll see why as you scroll down!

The weather was perfect and we timed it well with the sun setting. There weren’t too make people around which made it easy too! Taryn just belongs in front of a camera!


Trinity Overlook Modelled Shoot || Dallas, Texas || Haley Jean Photography


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