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I knew Ghianda growing up, so I was super excited when I was asked to take pictures of her and her husband. It gave me the opportunity to catch up and meet Tim!

These two lovebirds just celebrated their second wedding anniversary! They met at church after Tim had just returned from serving a LDS Mission. Tim was attracted to Ghianda right away, so much so that he asked her out after knowing her for only two days! She kindly rejected him, but he was persistent. After getting to know each other better, it was clear to both of them that they were meant to be together. Tim proposed after 7 months, and after a year and a half engagement they were married!

Fun Fact: Ghianda and Tim like to play games – like Matthew and I! Ghianda likes the more social games just like I do, and Tim likes the more complex and strategic games just like Matthew. Needless to say, a game night was scheduled before the end of the session!

Ghianda and Tim have a 12-year old beagle named Boghy. He shows up in a lot of their pictures on Instagram and Facebook, and because they had mentioned him in their pre-session survey, I had just expected them to bring him. Unfortunately Ghianda was unsure if she could bring him and did not ask – so they left him at home! Needless to say, we cannot do a family session without all members present! We decided to continue and get pictures of Ghianda and Tim by themselves. But will do a follow-up session to make sure Boghy gets his time to shine! It is apparent that they love Boghy very much (something that Matthew agrees with!). Our next session will be fun as it will be my first one with a pet!

Happy Anniversary Ghianda and Tim!

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